MAIS focusing on setting up a care co-operative

After our public event in 2021 showcasing two care co-operatives (recording at link), and a well attended strategy meeting in December 2021, Mutual Aid in Sussex has been focusing on helping setting up a care co-operative in Brighton & Hove.

A small group of us have been meeting regularly since the beginning of 2022 to try to set up a care co-operative in Brighton & Hove, because unlike in other parts of the UK, none exists here.

If you are interested in finding out more and/or getting involved please email

We also have a facebook group for the care co-operative – join it if you are interested in supporting, following and/or getting involved (actively or passively):

Some inspiration from our public event:

“Could we replace the current care system that relies on underpaid and overworked carers, with an alternative that’s built on worker and service-user democracy, fair pay and cooperation?

“Cooperatives in the care sector function similarly to other care agencies. The real difference is that the organisation is owned and managed by its members – in Shepshed’s case, the members are the care workers themselves. Shepshed has been going for over 27 years and has over 50 workers!

“In North West Care Cooperative, a newer organisation, there are three types of member – the carers, the service users and the parents of the service users. In both co-operatives, the members have a say in decision making, pay structures and how care is provided. You can change the organisation to work how you want it – you just have to decide on it together. There are already many examples of care cooperatives in the UK, and the number is growing…

“Could such a care co-operative exist in Brighton & Hove?”

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