Co-operative Alternatives for work, housing, energy, food and more

Free event takes place on Saturday 11 June 2016 from 10.30am at The Synergy Centre, Brighton. 

Have you dreamed of working without a boss?
Of living without a landlord?
Of having a media system owned and run by us, not by billionaires and corporations?
Of having an energy system which is powered by renewables and owned and run for the benefit of everyone?

We should all have more ownership and control over the different parts of our lives – our housing, our work, our energy, our media, our food, our land, our technology, our democracy and much more.

There are co-operative alternatives to the capitalist and competitive system we live within.

This day of workshops – organised by Mutual Aid in Sussex and Free University Brighton – gives an introduction to some of those co-operative alternatives and gives you a chance to meet many of the people who are making them happen.

It’s also an opportunity for people in co-operatives and social enterprises in the city to come together to get to know each other more and to see how they can help each other – whether it be through advice, contacts or contracts.

Eventbrite - Co-operative Alternatives to work, housing, energy, food and more

Whether you’re completely new to co-operatives and social enterprises, or have years of experience, there will be something for you, including:

The full schedule is available here.

We want a world where ownership, decisions and profits are shared, rather than being in the hands of the rich and powerful (the 1%). A world where people co-operate and work together to make this happen. Come and join us to find out how to make it happen.

Cooperative Alternatives at the Synergy Centre 78 West Street, Brighton, BN1 2RA
Saturday 11 June 20116, 10.30am – 7pm. After party from 7pm with great food and drinks from local workers’ co-ops as well as entertainment.

FREE entry. Donations welcome on the day

Event also supported by Lush and the Worker Co-op Solidarity Fund

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